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除蠔宿清船底優惠 【Fast Clean快速清洗船底優惠】 【一口價$300/呎】  全港至平,至好  *以實際長度計算,微生物特別多將加收每呎$20*  *不含車業油漆,以實際長度計算*  不收上排費,不收排租

Antifouling and Polishing Services Promotion

【Bottom Biofouling Mitigation】 【Promotion $300/foot】

Applicable across the entire Hong Kong, optimal performance assured

*Computed based on effective hull length, an incremental charge of $20 per foot for elevated microbial biofilm presence *

*Exclusive of marine antifouling coatings, assessed according to actual hull length *


No supplementary upper row fee and row rent


Funded by collaborative research grants from City University, The University of Hong Kong, and the Innovation and Technology Commission.


Incorporating three major services encompassing Bottom maintenance, Internal and external cleaning, and Overall vessel upkeep. Each facet is committed to delivering the utmost professionalism and high-quality service.


Now introducing the 'One-Year Payment, Two-Year Guarantee' program.

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