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About Us


AVIVA YACHT LIMITED was established in 2021.

Our company is dedicated to pioneering and adopting research and technology to develop diversified business ventures.


Earlier this year, the company obtained exclusive application and sales licenses for Nano-AM, a nano-photocatalytic anti-fouling coating developed through a collaborative research effort by the University of Hong Kong and City University of Hong Kong, with funding support from the Innovation and Technology Bureau. This innovative coating has been widely applied to ship bottoms and other marine facilities.

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The First In Hong Kong

 Nano Coating Technology Antifouling

Nano-AM effectively prevents marine microorganisms from attaching to ship bottoms and other marine installations in extremely low light conditions, allowing vessels to maintain optimal speeds and reduce fuel consumption.

Additionally, other marine installations, such as seawater screen bar, can remain clean for extended periods, reducing daily maintenance costs.

Under the support of the ITF, our company will continue to collaborate with the two academic institutes to further research and enhance the material. The goal is to broaden its applications in building materials and household products.

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