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Bottom Antifouling and Yacht Care

​Our advantage
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Owners don't know much about yacht problems, and they don't even know if the yacht itself has solved the problem. But we welcome owners to know directly about their yacht's problems.

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professional service

Provide in-depth professional services. These include bottom maintenance, internal and external cleaning, whole ship maintenance, and three major services. Each line promises the most professional and high-quality service attitude.

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Pioneered Nano Antifouling Coating Technology

Photocatalytic nano-bottom coating, joint research funded by City University, the University of Hong Kong and the Innovation and Technology Commission.

The World's Fiirst Nano Lubricant Spray

SM PRO 1 is designed to lubricate screws, threaded joints, and hard-to-reach crevices. It not only provides lubrication but also penetrates and cleans by removing dirt, and grime.  It slows down metal oxidation, ensuring quieter operation of moving parts. It quickly loosens rusted connections, providing long-lasting effects in normal indoor environments for months.

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